Medical Locum Australia

Medical Locum Australia

Medical Locum Australia is a locum agency providing locum doctors services.
Our services include matching locum doctors and hospital. Medical Locum Australia consist of a dynamic team of professionals with background knowledge of medicine and its sub-specialities giving usan edge over the other locum job agencies in terms of providing best qualified and suitable candidates for a particular locum post.

Medical Locum Australia What You Can Expect From Us?

- Prompt friendly service at all times.
- Prompt answers to questions or a promise to "find out" in a given time.
- That we listen to your needs and try to fulfil them as far as possible.
- Appropriate placements.
- All the information that your need for your placement.

What Does Locum Mean

Locum, short for the Latin phrase locum tenens (lit. "place holder," akin to lieutenant), is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another. For example, a Locum doctor is a doctor who works in the place of the regular doctor when that doctor is absent, or when a hospital/practice is short-staffed.

These professionals are still governed by their respective regulatory bodies, despite the transient nature of their positions. The abbreviated form "locum" is common in Australia.

Thank you Medical Locum Australia for all your hard work, you have been amazing. Would definitely recommend you (and have been doing) to friends. Settling in here now, met some of the others starting so feeling more and more at home, and sunshine very nice too of course. Many thanks again for all your help....

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